Just Imagine

Henry David Thoreau once said, “this world is but a canvas to our imagination.”  Think about that for a moment.  Everything that was ever created was put here in the beginning.  Every essential ingredient or element was already here.  Now we are realizing the plan that was set for at the beginning of time.  We have not created anything, we are just realizing how to utilize what we were give.  difficultiesLook around us.  The wonderful architecture of building, the awesome abilities of our devices, the advancement in automobile, our exploration of space, and so on are absolutely amazing.  All of these things were at one time far beyond the thought of possibility to most, but blueprint was implanted in those individuals willing to let their imagination become reality.  We are all wonderfully made, and we have greatness within us.  The only issue is, that most of us do not see the possibility of accomplishing the dreams that we are holding internally.  There is no one like you ever created.  This is true up to this point, and moving forward.  There will never be another you.  Even identical twins are not identical in all aspects.  That is because we were all made for a specific purpose.  We are just taught to play it safe.  Don’t take risks.  Mistakes are bad.

We have to understand that we all make mistakes.  The problem is, we aren’t willing to move on from those mistakes.  We begin to allow those mistakes to define us.  Thomas Edison was asked what was it like failing over a thousand times before succeeding with his invention of the light bulb.  Edison said that he did not fail over a thousand time, but he was successful in determining over a thousand ways that did not work.  He was also quoted saying, “many of life’s failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave.

“When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this—you haven’t.”_0A wolfdyke_0A Robert H. Schuller

Not everyone will achieve their dreams, but a dream never dreamed will never be achieved.  We have to allow our God given imagination the opportunity to show us beyond what our physical eyes can see.  We look at a number of things in nature, and we stand in awe of them.  Well the same creator of those awe inspiring spectacles is the same one that created you.  Don’t allow the small minded people of the world to squelch the vigor that you have within yourself.  What if so many others would have succumb to naysayers.  Where would we be without the pioneers and innovators that have shaped our world.  You might be the next in line, but that can never happen if you do not allow what is inside of you to come out of you to accomplish what you are supposed to.  What purpose were you put on this earth for?  JUST IMAGINE!