If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me

One thing that has become obvious is if I want something done, we have to make sure that it is done.  No one will mind your business for you like you will.  I spoke with a lady today who almost allowed her parent to talk them out of going to cosmetology school.  One parent told her that she will be making minimum wage when she gets out of school.  I assured her that did not have to be the case.  Many do get out of school and make meager compensation upon their graduation, but many also do very well right out of school.  This is purely up to the individual.  Often times it is evident while they are still in school as to who will be successful.  If they sit around during school, avoiding work, inattentive during theory, disrespectful when guest speakers come in, and always on their mobile device doing everything but promoting themselves, then chances are these individuals will not be successful.  On the other hand; when individuals are always being productive, working on the grades even while their clients are processing, asking relevant questions about the industry, participating in extra-curricular activities, attending trade shows, requesting more classes, and constantly promoting themselves on social media, it is almost inevitable that this individual will be successful even in the entry level portion of their career.  They are not waiting on someone else to get their career jumpstarted. They are not blaming anyone else if their chair is empty, they are taking the necessary steps to make sure that the space does not remain empty.  These individuals realize that marketing retail products is an additional income source, and not just something that someone else wants them to do.  When these individuals are diligent, they usually have a position well before they leave school.  These types of traits can be rare, so employers try to corral these individuals as soon as they possibly can.  There are people that make things happen, there are people that watch things happen, and there are those that end up having to ask what happened.    This site is in place for those that want to make things happen.  We hope to work with many individuals in any facet of business that want to make things happen.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Just Business

As I have been a member in some form of network marketing for a few years, I have realized how it has prepared me for the college business classes that I am currently taking.  I am glad that I am taking these classes, because no one will be able to tell me that I don’t know what college has to offer since I did not go to traditional school.  If we look at the study hat is commonly called the learning cone.  This cone shows a representation of how the average student learns.  The average student retains less than 10% from lecture alone.  The one that reads retains about 10%.  The use of audiovisual aids produces about 20%.  Demonstration tends to conjure up about a 30% retention rate.  Discussion begins to produce about 50% of student retention.  If one practices  a subject has shown to bring about 75% retention.  Teaching others tends to show a 90% rate of retention.  We never want to look as if we don’t know what we are talking about.  So, innately we work to retain the information.  Simulation brings about an internalization of what we are trying to accomplish. “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.  We have to change our mindset about a subject, then we have to get out and do it.  We can read about how to ride a bike all day long, but until you get out and get on the bike you will never learn to actually ride the bike.  As adults in America, we have to change how we think about money.  Money as we know it is not money at all.  Our dollars are a currency.  Just like any other current, it is supposed to move.  When a current stops, it no longer has any power to grow.  We have to learn how to make our money work for us, instead of always just working for money.  If we just put our money in a bank, the measly interest that they will offer will be less than the rate of inflation.  So, that means that you actually are losing money by saving.  Now I’m not saying that we should not have some liquid assets readily available to us in the case of an emergency, but that cannot be our only option for the use of our money.  I look forward to learning and growing with you in this paradigm shift.  Be clear that if you are waiting for me to obtain tremendous success before you come on board, then please do not expect to get what I have at the same price at which I’m willing to offer it for now.  Who knows what state the financial market will be in by then.  If you are content with mediocrity, then I pray God’s blessings upon you.  If you are ready for a change, come and be a part of 4Peoples Choice Solutions!

Train A Child

We are in a time that we must train our children about financial literacy. If this is a part of their upbringing, then they will not be ignorant of business practices as they either enter the workforce, or start their own businesses.  We are in an era of transition, even though this transition began over a decade ago. Many people still have an Industrial Age mindset, even though we are well into the Information Age.  I see very successful people that have gained all of their success in the Industrial Age, so they assume that their path will still work today for others. The issue that arises is that a lot of the opportunities that were available in the time of the their is are no longer as abundant as they were.  Many factories and companies are outdated & no longer real vent. Others have picked up their operations and moved to other countries where they can employ a much less expensive workforce than in the U.S.  Just because the path was used back then was successful, does not mean that it will translate into success now.  In most cases the old path will lead to an even faster failure due to antiquated practices. We must first invest in our own education, and then we must empower our children to take their financial future into their own hands. We look forward to assisting our communities, cities, and hopefully our country into a new age of abundance.