Right To Carry

There has been a major debate on gun laws and constitutional right to bear arms.  I will not take this time to discuss how little the  image1constitution is adhered to these days, especially in a court of law.  That will be a discussion for another time.  At this time, if there are no restrictions already put upon you, then you have the right to own a firearm.  In many states you have the right to keep firearms in your vehicle for protection, even if you do not have a concealed handgun license.  Notice that it said handgun, a long gun does not even have restrictions on them.  Many that are from rural areas have probably seen some people with gun racks in their back window.  If one does have a CHL, then they can tote it anywhere that they go as long as that facility does not have signs posted that guns are not permitted in that particular establishment.  Regardless of any of these rights that we have, know that if a firearm is ever discharged, chances are that you will have to defend your actions which prompted the firing of your weapon.  This can sometimes be a stressful situation, so it is imperative that we have someone on our side in the event that this does ever occur.  Or even if you just have questions.  Peace of mind is priceless, and this protection is almost cost less.  Don’t get caught unprepared.  I f you are going to have a fire arm, then you should have a fire plan.