A Nation In Transition

A man/woman that does not work does not eat was a common quote that I heard growing up.  I have begun to wonder if this is still the resounding mindset in out nation.  I often run across a number of individuals with what many refer to as the entitlement mindset.  A plethora of people feel as if the world owes them something.  Many grew up in an environment of everyone getting a participation award, and they feel as if a things in life are supposed to be served to them on a platter.  Statistics have shown that as a nation we are falling behind other countries in the area of education.  With the transition of our economy from an industrial facet toward the technological age, it is paramount that hard work be exemplified to remain the world power of times past.  Of course there are a number of systems and groups that need to be improved also many of which will be discussed in later posts), but the work ethic is going to have to be restored.  It is often that many are so accustomed to someone else doing things for them, that if no one else is there to do the needed task then it will not be done.  This is where we often find levels of decline in numerous areas.  This is often seen from the highest offices in our land, all the way down to what may be considered by some to be the most common of man/woman.  It is paramount that we get to a level of accountability and transparency in the operation of our executive branches of government, state government, county and local government as well.  The corruption of our nation has throughout history often trickled down and tainted all forms of policies and procedures.  Welfare has it’s need for those in a desperate situation, but there should not be penalties and hindrances tat virtually prevent them from getting off until it is just taken away from them as a result of stipulations set forth by certain policies.  Felon disenfranchisement must be addressed for there to be true reform in our workforce.  The mass incarceration rates of the nation must face the fact that this tactic has not been beneficial in reducing crime.  The national deficit must not only be addressed by the governmental leaders, but the basic civilians must get back to the entrepreneurial spirit with which the nation possessed when it spurred the industrial revolution that made the U.S. the world power that it became.  We have gone from the greatest producer nation, to the biggest debtor nation.  This cannot continue if America is to remain in high esteem in the global community.  It is time to get to work, chopping our own wood!

Continuing Education

inspirationalquote-44Recently I overheard a lady talking about the movie that depicted the exceptional female black mathematicians that were instrumental in performing the calculation needed for NASA to put an astronaut into orbit.  The lady that I heard talking seemed amazed that this story had never been told before.  She expressed her displeasure as to the time that it has taken for these women to get their deserved recognition for being major contributors to American history.  The of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson are just one of many stories of black exceptionalism that has been omitted out of the history books.  This is why I feel that their is often such a misunderstanding of the struggle of the black community when it comes to the desire for equal treatment in American society.  There have been tremendous contributions from awesome individuals, and they are never mentioned.  All we ever hear about is the awesome works of Reverent Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.  Never would I take away from all that he did accomplish, but the bad thing is history does not reflect his desires and beliefs beyond having a dream.  When he opposed the war in Vietnam, he was ostracized.  When he began to demand more than just civil rights, and began to focus on human rights, then he became even more of a threat.  This is also the case with Malcolm X.  He is commonly referred to a radical and a proponent of reverse racism.  After spending time in Mecca, Malcolm came back with a new message of unity.  As plans were being made for Malcolm and Dr. King to come together in a united effort for social reform, both of them were soon after assassinated.  That part of the story is often left out.  What is even more horrible is that history books say nothing  about Booker T. Washington, Fredrick Douglas, W.E.B. DuBois, or even Marcus Garvey.  We don’t hear about Medgar Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer, or Stokely Carmichael.  Julian Bond and George Ruffin will probably never be mentioned.  We look at the injustice today and think that it is horrible.  Few know About the horrific treatment of boxer Jack Johnson and Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.  Many think that President Obama was just a follow through of Jesse Jackson’s run at the White House, but few even know that Dick Gregory ran decades as well.  Many people were raving about Hilary Clinton, but few have any idea who Shirley Chisholm is.  This why many times people of other races cannot relate to the struggle of the black people.  To be in a situation where their ancestors were mistreated beginning centuries ago, and then to look at the plight that still find themselves in currently can be discouraging.  This can especially be the case when one is constantly surrounded by those other races tell them to “get over it.”  If some as much as makes a remark about Jew, they are coined as anti-Semitic.  This label has ended many careers, but a black president of the United Sates can be called all kinds of racist derogatory name with no recourse.  Right, wrong, or indifferent-the point is that some dialogue must begin if this country is going to truly live up to its promise as a nation.  Many see programs and systems put in place, and just because they do not have distinctively racist verbiage, then many do not realize the how the plans are put in place to keep a certain group or demographic in their cross-hairs.  Issues such as voter suppression, mass incarceration, and felon disenfranchisement are major systems of this sort.  Even though they can affect anyone, many systems are in place to assure that they target particular groups.  Without knowledge of these types of problems, it is virtually impossible to see the real effects of them.  Without unity, it is no way to combat the political machine that we try to call democracy from doing whatever they choose.  We must start to talk to each other, walk with each other, learn from each other, and then we can earn with each other.  Lets make an effort to make America great by coming together and living up to the sovereignty and responsibility that the “We The People” was supposed to be when it was penned in the constitution.