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Turn-Up or TRIP-OUT??

In these days of never ending stress and tasks to get done, the desire to succeed is ever present.  We must go here and there, to do this and accomplish that. Every minute is filled with some form of activity, and then there is the time to turn up.  Those occasions when you want to let your hair down, loosen that tie and kick your shoes off. We have to find balance in our live. We work hard, so we have to play some days. We have to let off some steam, and get back into a state of homeostasis.  By no means am I asking you not to enjoy yourself, but I would ask if you would consider trading one turn up for a TRIP-OUT. Trip is the non-profit organization that we are creating to uplift and empower our youth and young adults. As they are returning back to school, we have to realize that as a whole, the nations public education is faltering globally. This delima is even more prevalent in the predominantly black and brown
neighborhoods. A lot of times that is due to under funded programs and the inability for some students to be engaged in the learnings that are taking place. This is where we want to step in.  By no means are we looking to negate anything that they are learning in school, we want to further enhance their experience by providing additional historical facts that will allow them to get a better sense of selfhood, which can help to promote individuals to see themselves as worthy of success. We want to expose our youth and young adults to financial literacy, so that they can not only be a part of, but we want them to have the ability to be a leader in the capitalistic economy.  We want to teach the basic concepts of community building, so that they will understand the difference between communities that we aspire for and the neighborhoods that we presently have. Teaching these things, amongst other things such as technical training, we want to equip our young ones (along with anyone else willing to learn how to learn) how to go into the future with a plan & purpose.  When these things are addressed in detail, there is no doubt that we can collectively change the destructive path that our people seem to be headed down. When we can make these young people love and respect themselves, they will in turn begin to hopefully respect one another. This will assist in diminishing the black on black crime.) Once they have the respect in their heart, then they will definitely want garner that same respect that education brings. (This will help to reduce the dropout rates.) Once they have the knowledge in place, we will have put in place planning and goal setting agendas to assist the pupils in asserting wisdom with that knowledge. (This will hopefully eliminate the present school to prison pipeline.) Eventually we want to have certified trade programs attached to TRIP-OUT, that way these individuals will have some form technical skills. This will allow some to have a primary career in place that will be of assistance whether in their own community or elsewhere, otherwise they will have a way to gain compensation if needed to accomplish their collegiate goals.  All during this time we will be teaching the principle components of a real self-sufficient community. When a community has the needed elements, it will accomplish a number of things.  The community will have money circulated within itself, produce and provide jobs, and offer business opportunities. This will give these young people somewhere to return to if they choose to that will offer paths to success within their community.  When to young people don’t want to run off when they get their education, then that will allow the community to not only survive, but it will allow the community to grow & thrive! So, I ask you to consider contributing to this agenda. Trade a turn-up for a TRIP-OUT today.  You can donate by clicking here.


Never Ending Story

The more things change, the worse things seem to get. When I was first called into the ministry, I disregarded the call due to my insecurities and my love for the world as far as what I thought that it had to offer. I was also concerned that later in my life of ministry I would run out of sermons to preach. First, that showed my lack of understanding of the living word, which quickens us on a daily basis. Secondly, I did not realize the evil that is ever present in this world that will supply and unending amount of material to write upon when it comes to the grace and mercy of God. When I see the level of unforgiveness and utter hate that so many people carry in there heart for years, if not decades, which is totally destroys them from the inside out. 

This is why I know that I have to get back in to the beauty industry. There is so much that is spiritually & emotinally ugly in this society that I want at least be a part of something that is beautiful. I am well aware that beauty is only skin deep, but that can be just the beginning of something great. When someone looks good, they often tend to feel better. If that starting point is nurtured correct.y, then it can be a catalyst for an internal change. That is all the more reason that I vow to teach others the art of invoking an internal change, even if it starts with extenal enhancement. Once they see that they are invaluable, then they tend to want to let others know the same. Evil is what it is, but love overcomes evil if it is brought into the equation. So, today is the day to start the love. I am starting a non-profit organization that will focus on realizing self-worth,  economic empowerment,  community building and entrepreneurial spirit. I pray that if you have read this far, the. You understand where I am coming from,  because I did reveal a number of aspects about myself. I just hope that you will help me to obtain the vision that I have for the people which will be enlightened by it. You can contribute by clicking here.

Invest in your investments.

There is nothing wrong with consumption in & of itself, but there must be moderation. That is with almost anything. We have to learn the difference between what we need & what we want. It is part of life to want things, but the wants cannot supersede the needs. That is why investing should be seen as a need.  That is why knowledge of investing is a must.  An investment should yield a return, but things that are just consumables only will just be consumed. Please invest in the future of our youth by helping me to get this non-profit started to educate our youth on financial literacy.

Consumers vs producers