Double Standard

This is just a small part of the nation’s hypocrisy when it comes to criminal justice. The Iran-Contra scandal was the peremptory actions that led to the flooding of illegal drugs into the streets and neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles. Now, thousands, if not millions of black men and women have been killed, incarcerated or adversely affected by the actions of our governmental agencies. The hypocritical thing is that one of the individuals that played a part in these scandalous activities has been named to assist in this administrations Venezula’s policy. This man was convicted for his crimes under Ronald Reagan’s administration (who should have been arrested as well, and was subsequently pardoned by George W Bush (who also should have been arrested). None of the people affected by the drugs was pardoned, and there is no doubt that this man should have been allowed to go on about his life without the disenfranchising felon tag being plastered on him. Herein lies just one of the problems with our nation.

Injustice Epitomized

Just Imagine!

Have you ever wondered why other ethnicities are not slaughtered and treated the way black people are? We do not have a country to return to or back us up. Notice how Asians, Arabs or any other group are not ostracized that way. That is because there would be retaliation from their nations. Just imagine if we would unite in world wide solidarity, and take back what was once ours!

No to xenophobia in South Africa

When they are White, Indian or Chinese, without papers, we call them investors. When they are fellow Africans, we call them foreigners. That is self hate – Julius Malema

Posted by Nigerians in USA on Thursday, August 30, 2018
Unity in Africa & abroad.

The Game Continues

As we will see, the propaganda will continue in an effort to help elitist get their desired results. The government picks and chooses what they want to release to to the public. They will not willfully tell the masses of their corruption and in humane treatment of others, but will not hesitate to tell the fear-momgering statements and stories to promote their agenda.