Nipsey Hussle Understood the Game!

Nipsey Hussle Was a rapper’s rapper. He was not dependent on in a label or their tactics to make him. He was a true leader. What we are trying to do with trip-out, he was already doing in South Central LA. He opened businesses, and employed people in the community. He was creating an empire, and he was creating a community. He understood that a neighborhood is just that, a hood that is filled with neighbors. You may or may not know them, but there is not much else besides that. A community is an entity within itself. It has its own educational component, it has its own economy, it creates jobs for its inhabitants, it polices itself, it governs from within. That is what he was trying to create, and he was well on the way. The sad thing is the crab mentality that can persist around us, and he knew this as evidenced by the tweet that he sent not long before his death. He knew he had enemies, but he felt they made him be even stronger. Ev n though they took his life, they cannot take his legacy. Let’s keep his work going, and spread it across the nation. We would love you support as we work toward change.