img_0100 A dear friend to the association has found them sales and quite a dilemma. I want to ask a question. What is the true meaning of a victimless crime? If we truly  look at the laws as they are and were created initially, a crime is supposed to be a person against a Nother person. Due to the financial situation of the United States, everything that is handled with in the judicial branch is now a corporate or financial transaction. This is why all transactions or communication done with the public is now written in all capital letters.   If one were to look and the blacks Law dictionary, Capitis Dimininutio Maxima Will be found as the highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was change from one of freedom to one of bondage when he became a slave. It’s swept away with all rights of citizenship and all family rights.   This is what has been done with all citizens of the United States. If you notice that on every legal document that one possesses that the name is written in all capital letters. Is this how we write our names? No, it is not. Because under admiralty law,  or better known as maritime law, all transactions must be done as corporation to Corporation. After  The United States they all into a state of bankruptcy, all of the citizens of the United States are now considered as human capital. This is why all of these documents are in all caps. There is no legal ramifications  toward an individual from a corporate entity. All transactions are from corporation to corporation. So, the only way that this law could be in acted is to make each individual citizen a corporation. This is why each individual has to have a birth certificate, and after departure from this life has to have a death certificate . Just as a manifest from an entity transporting goods from one country to another.  There has truly been no new law since the 1930s. Everything that has been imposed since that time has just been new statute or regulation that the country has imposed as a new form of their statutory laws. Common law is no longer common part of the American way. There are very few common law states remaining in the United States. Common law is what the Constitution was supposed to truly represent. This would not have worked well with maritime admiralty law, because the Constitution is not employees worldwide. In a global market the United States has to impose rules that will work from country to country world wide. This is why the you Uniformed Commercial Code   Was adopted by all 50 states. Uniformity in a global market was necessary for the United States to make an attempt to pay off all of their outstanding debts. Notice that no job application or any application for that matter asked if you are a citizen of America.  The question is always asked are you a citizen of the United States. The United States is a corporation that was formed by the powers that be to operate and  perform commercial transactions in an attempt to repay the dads that the United States old the world. Look at your Social Security card, look at your drivers license, look at any form of professional trans action that is done involving your name.  Your name will always appear in all capital letters. Understand that this is not a coincidence. This is not just a circumstance that happens to have fallen into place as a regular occurrence. These individuals are highly intelligent, and nothing that they do are by  accident. This is what has brought about my concerns involving the individual Avenue for mentioned. The crime that this individual was convicted of was driving while impaired. This individual had multiple convictions of the same offense.  We would like to mention some of the details before judgment is cast. This individual was a United States Marine. This individual played football for the United States Marine Corps, until he suffered a hamstring tear which prevented him from continuing to play football in a  safe capacity. Once the individual could no longer play football for the Marine Corps, he was return to regular duty even though his injury was proven by the Naval Corpman as being in a severe state to where the individual  was to be placed on light duty. The Marines superior made the statement that no one under his command would ever be considered on light duty. The marine was forced to train Aziza if he were healthy.  This brought about subsequent injuries which would later progress to the marine being recommended for a medical separation from the Marine Corps.  During the time in between the marine was only given Motrin as a source of relief from the pain incurred by the injuries which had been sustained. The individual was found to have multiple herniated disc, and a deterioration  of the niece of this individual from constant stress of training and limping in the mitts thereof. This has resulted into knee surgeries and constant back pain for this individual. Now, back to the issue at hand.  During the time of the individuals issues of dealing with pain with no more then medication that could basically be found over the counter, and the individual relegated himself to self-medicating by the use , And eventually the abuse of alcohol. This caused the individual to have multiple driving while intoxicated convictions. Even though the individual never harmed anyone, he is now seen as a felon. There was never a  situation to where there was damage to any one or anything else. The individual was usually pulled over for speeding, or in one instance just because the policeman recognized his car. This individual has served time in prison, and is currently serving a 10 year probation. This is where the true issue comes into play.  Even though there is no victim, or any form of damages, this individual is and will always be treated as a convicted felon. Right now, this person is six years into their 10 year probation.  This individual has had an interlock device placed on his car the entire six years, plus one year of pre-tryout time. Even though this individual has never failed one of the test given by this device, the courts have claimed that there have been  trace amounts of alcohol found that the machine would never show the individual who was blowing into the device. These trace amounts would only be seen by the monitoring officials. This would still allow the individuals card to crank, and function as normal even though there was some supposed trace amount of alcohol present.  This is the same machine that has proven not to be able to tell the difference from bread and alcohol. This is the same machine that has proven not to be able to determine the difference between mouthwash and true legitimate intoxicating alcohol. This is the same machine that has proven to not even be able to detect when the car is cranked, and when it is not.  With the allegations that were proposed by the Ewa Denteley unreliable machinery used for monitoring, then individual was subjected to having to wear what is called a scram bracelet.  With this bracelet it is mandated then an individual does not utilize or partake in anything that could possibly contain alcohol. If you look up the ingredients of the majority of all household, hi Jean, and every day products it will clearly make it evident that It is almost impossible to avoid all contact with alcohol. The monitoring service claims to be able to tell the difference, so we will for the moment go along with that. Eventually the individual who had never failed a urinalysis test in the prior six years, was subjected to what is called an ETG test. Ethyl Glocirinide is A compound produced by the body when it is exposed to alcohol. Noticed that I did not say when alcohol is he just did it. I did not even say when it is an alcoholic drink. ETG  detects when the body is exposed to alcohol. This can be in hailing fumes that have alcohol in it. This can be the use of hand sanitizer’s or disinfectants that have an alcoholic base. This can even be the use of every day products used with and hair styling, cosmetics,  and every day use. The test cannot differentiate from any form of alcohol. The problem there in lies that anytime that these test or utilize, the individual is seen as having violated the conditions of his probation. This means that an individual can be separated from their family,  incarcerated, and ruined for life for using every day household products. This is not right, nor is it just. We have to make a stand, because if this is happening to this one individual, who knows how many victims have been wrongfully incarcerated or  or miss treated due to these unreliable practices. We can look at the prison industrial complex mentality. All of these companies have contracts with the different counties and states that they are involved with. Which would mean that the state would have to have proposed that there would be a  certain number of individuals utilizing their services for it to be beneficial for the company to offer the entity a discounted price for the use of their services. This is why we feel these practices are in place, so that these federal county or local governments can meet their budgets.  The loss of an individual’s livelihood is just collateral damage. We cannot allow for business to continue as usual if we want any type of change to happen. It is all to everything and all around us of too many government and local officials using their power for their personal gains.  The governor of Texas, but his case was thrown out. The attorney general of Texas, his case is still riding alone while he continues business as usual. A judge in Collin County on that case was removed because of the judge discussing that case outside of the  princess. Any of the jurors would have gone to jail for such a nag, but the judge was just removed from the case. This is unsatisfactory. Policeman in Arlington Texas creating false tickets just to meet their quotas. And all around the nation we see corrupt and immoral actions being done, but we’re  supposed to just except it as business as usual. This cannot continue. We will not ever realize or recognize change as long as we allow for the same corrupt actions to continue as usual. There has to be action taken, and there has to be some form of accountability for these individuals which are in power. I pray that you will join us and educating each other so that we can in power each other so that we can eventually take back the rights that are innately given to each other. please let me know your thoughts, and let me know what I can discuss that will bring clarity into the urgency that is needed to bring about a change. Thank you and God bless.

Please let me know your thoughts, and let me know what I can discuss that will bring clarity into the urgency that is needed to bring about a change. Thank you and God bless.

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