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As barbers, we are by nature explorers.  Then once we get into the field, most tend to put themselves in a box.  Why do we insist in only doing what we are already good at.  We already know how to utilize our strengths, but we also need to learn to mange our weaknesses.  When we mange to improve on our weaknesses, then we open the door to a whole new world of clientele & potential income.  If you believe that you can, then you can.  If you believe that you can’t, then you can’t.  You will be right either way!

We also have to recognize that we are in an industry that has trends.  When things are good, we have a tenIMG_0539dency to do well.  When things are not so good, we have to get creative to figure out how to get additional clients, services, or retail income to supplement for the slower seasons.  This is where a barber needs to get financial education in generating multiple income streams.  There are a myriad of ways that we can do this.  I chose MLM.  This was my personal choice which can be better explained in the “Protect Yourself” page of this website.  Whatever venture you choose, just make sure that it is understood that some sort of additional income stream is becoming almost a necessity in today’s economy.

We also have to realize that shortcuts can be a setup for a short career.  We have to either learn all of the laws and statutes that pertain to our business, or as I suggest, utilize the resources that are available to utilize the knowledge of others in thees areas.  I do not want to be a lawyer, so I would rather get pertinent information about the law from someone who is.  I do not want to be a consumer protection agent, so i would rather get the information that I need as far as protecting my identity and credit from someone that is.  These are also areas that you can find very affordable solutions to in the “Protect Yourself” page of this website.


We want to provide our industry with the information that most schools just don’t have the time or interest to show those of us in this industry how to really be successful.  I see far to many people leave this industry prematurely, or end their career with little or nothing to show for all of their years of hard work.  This is such an injustice for an industry as great as ours.  Come be a part of taking our profession to the next level.FB_IMG_1434209203532

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  1. Time to get busy. Barbers, we have to take our careers into our own hands. That means that we have to do more than just use our hands. We have to face the fact that we are susceptible to calamity at any time. As employees or independent contractors, if we don’t work then we don’t eat. We know that we work hard for out money, but now we have to learn to make our money work for us as well. Lets get ready to dive into what Barber school left out!

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