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change the roadBy human nature, we tend to be reactive & not proactive.  When we wait until something happens to make preparations, then we end up paying for it in the end.  Usually paying a lot.  You can change that road to destruction now, today.  If we take the proper precautions, then we can “WORRY LESS & LIVE MORE!”

You may ask how.  How is exactly the way.  HONEST, OPEN-MINDED & WILLING!

Honestly, do you ever think that you will ever need any form of legal services or advice?  Do you ever feel like you could be the victim of identity theft.  If you can honestly say no, then we do not live on the same planet.  Everything now a days is subject to legal ramifications.  It is risky to try to save someone’s life for fear that you may injure them in the process of doing so.  Individuals have won lawsuits for being injured on someones property while in the midst of trying to commit a crime.  Most of us have car insurance, and the majority are getting health insurance.  We are many times more likely to find oursel“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”_0A Colin Powellves in some sort of legal issue than we are to be in a car accident or admitted into the hospital.  Over a BILLION people had their identities compromised in 2014 alone.  That is ore that a person a second.  We have to honestly acknowledge that our second is going to come around one of these days.

Open-minded people open the doors to so many opportunities in life just because they are not always so pessimistic about every single thing that crosses their path.  There are some fraudulent companies & products out there.  On the other hand, there are some awesome resources available to us that we just let pass us by because we think that it has to be a scam.  We are i the information age.  We can research virtually anything without doing anymore than clicking a button or two.  The problem is that we have so much access to information, that we run into information overload.  We get caught up in analysis paralysis.  We research so much that we never take the action to alleviate the issue that we began researching in the first place.

Willingness is the last & most important portion of this equation.  A lot of peoples may be honest about what we are discussing.  Some people may even be open-minded to looking at some of the resources available to mitigate some of the consequences that these issues can introduce into our lives, but very few people are willing to do anything about it!  Talk is cheap, & and a thought is weak if it is not followed by action.  A lot of people have faith in many different people or things, but my favorite book states that “faith without works is dead.”

I just want you to think about something.  If car insurance“Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen was made mandatory because he price of automobile prices were out pacing the income of the people, and if health insurance has become law as a result of healthcare prices skyrocketing, what do we think will eventually come into being a necessity of lawsuits continue in the same trend that they have been for years?  Check out these websites, and you decide for yourself.


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