T.R.I.P. – O.U.T.

TRIP -OUT stands for Take Responsibility Immediately, Please. Otherwise Undergo Termination. Our society is in a desperate state, and it is time that we take responsibility for changing it. We know that must begin with the proper education of our youth & young adults. This is not to say that the more mature adults will not be involved, but it will be those that have already or are willing to make the paradigm shift needed to evolve into this ever changing technology age who will best receive the wisdom and knowledge needed to adjust. Industrial Age attitudes and mindsets often are antiquated when it comes to solving today’s problems. TRIP-OUT is intended to combat the school to prison pipeline, neighborhood gentrification, poor self worth and inner-racial separation. TRIP-OUT is focused on community building, financial literacy, economic empowerment, self-preservation and unity. This activity and knowledge based curriculum will be an ever-growing process that will seek to eradicate the prison industrial complex by educating our youth and young adults on pathways that will allow them to achieve success. TRIP-OUT will also offer solutions to the underlying problems of the people, versus only focusing on the symptoms that many turn to as an attempt in trying to escape the real issues. Many look at the drug abuse, alcoholism, violence and promiscuity as the problems, but the truth is that there are much larger factors that must be addressed to dissuade these types of destructive behavior. I pray that we will stop only talking about the problems that we face, and focus on empowering activities which will help us to forge a pathway that will alleviate them. We must not only see the problem, but we must take ownership. After we have taken ownership, then we must provide solutions. Once the solutions have been provided, then we must do what it takes to implement the remedies for the maladies that plague our society.  Please come and help by being a part of the solution, because if not then we are part of the problem. You can contribute to the cause by clicking here.