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After departing from the United States Marine Corps, I entered into my voyage of a beauty industry professional. I learned a lot of technical & theoretical information, but i realize now that I was never really taught the "business" side of things. Of course we scratched the surface, but i was not aware of the "dog eat dog" world that I was to encounter. In my journey, I have not found an institution that does. This is the purpose of this website. To coach others on the things that I have learned the hard way. I want to elevate the awareness of the need for personal development. I am seeking out anyone looking to improve themselves from the inside out. I do have a passion for cosmetologist barbers & independent contractors of all types, but this information will be useful for virtually anyone. I am launching this site because I wish I would have known years ago what I know now. So, I will be regularly posting information so that I will be able to address the needs of those ready to take their careers to the next level. At 4PeoplesChoice Solutions, we believe that if we create solutions for the issues of the mind body & soul, then we will make the choices that will elevate us to levels unknown!

Don’t Stay The Same

Have you ever heard that you’ve changed. I used to think that people meant that as an insult. I now receive that statement as a compliment. I’m glad that I’m not what I used to be. I am proud that I don’t do the things I used to do. I am definitely glad that I don’t have what I used to have. This is the real deal, and we must be real. To many people are caught up in a fantasy world. Most people don’t even know us, let alone care about us. This entitlement mentality is only a setup for failure. This world does not even want to pay us what is owed, so it is definitely not going to give us anything. We have to get up, get out and get somethings for ourself. This life is short, but it is up to us to make it sweet. When we decide to make positive moves in life, positive things will happen. I can’t say how quickly, but I can assure that they will. An action starts with a thought, so that means we have to create positive thoughts. Positive results come from positive actions. It is time to take our lives to the next level, regardless of all of the chatter that is around us. Chickens can’t hang with eagles. So, do not lower your standards to accommodate others. We are looking to move lives forward at 4 Peoples Choice Solutions. Please come and join the TRIP-OUT movement. It is time to elevate.

Heading For A Blessing

I know that sometimes in life there are some event that can really knock you for a loop. I have definitely had that go on this week in my life. On Tuesday, I received a call from my boss & HR. They informed me that I was being laid off from my position. I am 4 hours away from home, and driving at the time of this call. Needless to say, I was taken by surprise. The surprise soon turned to anger. It is the week prior to Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner. The cosmetology industry can be cut throat, but now I really see how deep those cuts can go. I was wooed away from a good situation to join this group, and now that other opportunity is no longer available. Sometimes we think the the grass is greener on the other side, and at time it may actually be. That is until you find out that greener grass often is a breeding ground for snakes.
I really had some bad thoughts going through my mind. I had to go home and inform my family that my income is no more. When I arrived home, I came to find just how sick my baby girl was. She was coughing horrible, and began to run a fever I could not even bring myself to tell them until the next night. I spent that next day applying for positions. I did quickly receive some responses, and even had a couple of interviews setup for subsequent days. As I was getting dressed for my interview, my sick little baby raised up and asked what I was doing. I told her,”Daddy is going on an interview.” She the asked me a question that would lead to a tremendous change in my attitude and mindset. Aliyaj asked, “so you won’t be coming home,” with a very sad look on her face. This shocked me a little at first, and then remember how it has been mentioned that she does not like me being away. I then thought about how often this now defunct position had me away from her for days, if not a full week at a time. I then insured her that would be returning home after the interviews. Her response really warmed my heart. Her retort to my answer was, “good, you need to be at home!”

“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings has thou established strength, because of Your adversaries. That You might silence the the enemy and make the revengeful cease.” Psalms 8:2. I am now full of hope, and I know that something greater is on the horizon. I am looking forward to the future, and what it holds for me and my family. TRIP-OUT is more than just an initiative, it must now become my lifestyle. It is time to seriously strive for financial freedom, and not just for security. You can get security in jail, maximum security if you act up enough! Please come and be a part of the movement. We also have a go fund me as we are working towards our 501 C 3 status. Wewant to thank you in advance.

Nipsey Hussle Understood the Game!

Nipsey Hussle Was a rapper’s rapper. He was not dependent on in a label or their tactics to make him. He was a true leader. What we are trying to do with trip-out, he was already doing in South Central LA. He opened businesses, and employed people in the community. He was creating an empire, and he was creating a community. He understood that a neighborhood is just that, a hood that is filled with neighbors. You may or may not know them, but there is not much else besides that. A community is an entity within itself. It has its own educational component, it has its own economy, it creates jobs for its inhabitants, it polices itself, it governs from within. That is what he was trying to create, and he was well on the way. The sad thing is the crab mentality that can persist around us, and he knew this as evidenced by the tweet that he sent not long before his death. He knew he had enemies, but he felt they made him be even stronger. Ev n though they took his life, they cannot take his legacy. Let’s keep his work going, and spread it across the nation. We would love you support as we work toward change.

Double Standard

This is just a small part of the nation’s hypocrisy when it comes to criminal justice. The Iran-Contra scandal was the peremptory actions that led to the flooding of illegal drugs into the streets and neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles. Now, thousands, if not millions of black men and women have been killed, incarcerated or adversely affected by the actions of our governmental agencies. The hypocritical thing is that one of the individuals that played a part in these scandalous activities has been named to assist in this administrations Venezula’s policy. This man was convicted for his crimes under Ronald Reagan’s administration (who should have been arrested as well, and was subsequently pardoned by George W Bush (who also should have been arrested). None of the people affected by the drugs was pardoned, and there is no doubt that this man should have been allowed to go on about his life without the disenfranchising felon tag being plastered on him. Herein lies just one of the problems with our nation.

Injustice Epitomized

The Game Continues

As we will see, the propaganda will continue in an effort to help elitist get their desired results. The government picks and chooses what they want to release to to the public. They will not willfully tell the masses of their corruption and in humane treatment of others, but will not hesitate to tell the fear-momgering statements and stories to promote their agenda.